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Tom Paladino illuminates fluorescent tubes via scalar energy field

Tom Paladino illuminates fluorescent tubes via scalar energy field

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Scalar Energy is a force uncovered by Nikola Tesla, Dr. Thomas Henry Moray and T. Galen Hieronymus. Tom Paladino has spent 25 years directing scalar energy toward healing pathogenic disease. Currently, Tom Paladino offers the Pathogen Cleanse, Nutrient Therapy and Chakra Balance Sessions

You will receive a notice via email as we update this web site. There is so much interest in the healing aspect of scalar energy, this site has been neglected. If you are interested in disassembling pathogens for yourself or loved ones you may review the remote scalar energy healing info by clicking here

About the Light Bulbs

About the fluorescent tube lights in my ads. They have nothing to do with my healing sessions. I am simply demonstrating the scalar energy field that I can create.

Recent Herpes Testimony

I’ve waited a while before writing back since its only been a little over a

I’m still enjoying great health thus far. For the past year I’ve worked in
a location that houses more than 200 people. This is the first time in my
life that I’ve worked around so many people. My prior experience was all
corporate. As a result I began experiencing cold sores on a more regular

In the last 2 weeks I’ve changed jobs. Much fewer people and I wash my
hands constantly due to the nature of the work.

However, 3 times now in the last 2 weeks I’ve felt the familiar pain of a
beginning cold sore but it never manifested. Instead, after I felt the
usual indication that the cold sore was about to start growing, it stopped
and felt as if the liquid or something literally “drained” from the site.

Now this is most interesting. Usually, the liquid from a cold sore
contains the active virus and causes the virus to spread. But this
drainage was different. As if the virus was already dead.

To be honest, when you first explained how scalar energy worked I was
skeptical due to my lack of knowledge but I felt drawn to you and your site
and felt it was important to open my mind and heart to this process. I
could not get my mind around the process of healing someone remotely
through a picture. But it is true. I absolutely know what it feels like
to get a cold sore and I can honestly tell you that your process has
already prevented 3 cold sores from forming on me.

I want to obtain pictures of my Mother and brother and other family members
to purchase a group package. This is amazing!

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How Scalar Energy Healing Works

In synopsis, scalar energy allows me to disassemble pathogens (take apart) that are harmful and to assemble nutrients that are beneficial to the human body. Hence remote scalar energy sessions offer the means to control physical matter in order to improve your health in a fundamental fashion. There is no die-off of the pathogens – scalar energy transmutes the pathogen back to the original building block components of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, magnesium, etc. All of this is done remotely via your photograph.

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