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Nikolai A. Kozyrev Scalar Energy Astrophysicist

Nikolai A. Kozyrev Astrophysicist

Nikolai A. Kozyrev Astrophysicist

Nikolai A. Kozyrev was born on September 2, 1908 in St. Petersburg, Russia to Julia and Alexander Kozyrev. As a young man Kozyrev aspired to become an astrophysicist and he subsequently was admitted to Leningrad University where he received degrees in physics and mathematics. Upon graduating in 1928, Kozyrev pursued his post-graduate studies at the Pulkovo Observatory where he conducted astronomical observations that would serve to have profound and far-reaching implications. One of Kozyrev’s discoveries was that Sun spots extended beyond the Sun’s surface and that the center of the Sun was hollow and rather cool. Kozyrev concluded that it was scalar energy that powered the Sun and was subsequently responsible for solar phenomenon such as Sun spots.

Kozyrev theorized that the interaction of time with substance was responsible for the power generation of the stars in the universe. He observed that scalar energy was spiraling energy that was in itself a, “flow of time,” that acted upon the ether in order to generate power for the stars. This theory has been proven as scalar energy is now recognized as a phase-conjugated double helix that does indeed spiral and accordingly act upon the ether-the fundamental particle of the universe-in order to create physical matter such as the stars. This sublime process is responsible for the geometry of the universe.

Kozyrev dismissed the accepted belief of thermonuclear fusion and devoted his academic career in order to prove that scalar energy was instead the source of energy for stellar activity. Unfortunately, Kozyrev’s brilliant research was interrupted when he was arrested in 1936 during the reign of terror of Joseph Stalin and was subsequently sentenced to 11 years in a concentration camp. During these years of brutal imprisonment, Kozyrev continued to theorize as to the spiral movement of scalar energy as the animating force responsible for imparting intelligence and thus geometry upon all matter in the universe.

Upon his release from prison in December of 1946 , Kozyrev was able to once again immerse himself in experimentation and discovery during the remainder of his illustrious career. Telescopes were developed and utilized by Kozyrev that were capable of registering scalar energy emitted from the stars. Kozyrev observed that scalar light from the stars far exceeded the accepted speed of light of the electromagnetic energy spectrum, hence, the true, real-time position of the stars could be detected by Kozyrev’s telescope. Whereas, conventional observations that utilized the electromagnetic spectrum in order to interpret information from the stars revealed the past position of the stars.

Kozyrev observed that scalar energy emitted from the stars had velocities billions of times greater than the electromagnetic speed of light. This observation served to establish the fact that scalar energy pre-exists as a connection between the stars and the Earth and that this pre-existing connection is responsible for instantaneous velocity as well as instantaneous communication between the stars and the Earth. That is, the pre-existing connection of the stars with the Earth proves that the universe is a hologram whereby all points are interconnected and therefore instantaneous velocity as well as instantaneous communication in the universe are the norm by way of the scalar energy spectrum. In conclusion, Kozyrev’s observations point to the fact that scalar energy transcends time and space as the universe utilizes the Life Force in order to communicate with itself instantly.

Nikolai A Kozyrev Astrophysicist

Nikolai Kozyrev discovered that scalar energy was the cause of time.

Kozyrev also demonstrated that a scalar energy force field had a direct effect upon the weight of objects leading him to conclude that scalar energy is the cause of gravity. Experiments were conducted with gyroscopes that revealed a decrease in weight when the gyroscope was rotated in a counter-clockwise motion in unison with the counter-clockwise force of the Coriolis effect in the Northern hemisphere. Kozyrev concluded that the Coriolis effect imparted additional scalar energy upon the gyroscope that served to decrease the weight of the object. The phenomenon of weight change is common in gyroscope experiments and Kozyrev’s results have been independently replicated. Kozyrev went on to propose that space travel would be feasible if scalar energy was utilized thereby allowing anti-gravity propulsion in order to overcome any temporal or spatial constraint.

Nikolai A. Kozyrev was one of the first astrophysicists to understand how scalar energy was the underlying cause for much of the phenomenon of the universe. To this day, our understanding of the universe remains incomplete on account of the fact that scalar energy is not acknowledged and incorporated into our understanding of the universe.

The electromagnetic energy spectrum can only explain some of the phenomenon of the universe on account of the fact that electromagnetic energy is responsible for only some of the action in the universe. Scalar energy remains the predominant energy of the universe as most of the phenomenon observed in the universe can be attributed directly to the Life Force of the Sun and the stars. Nikolai A. Kozyrev was correct in affirming that the spiraling energy of the universe was indeed scalar energy and that this primal force in the universe served to assemble and sustain the stars as well as all of creation. This is the genius of Nikolai A. Kozyrev!

Nikolai A. Kozyrev – Russian Scalar Energy Researcher

The seven (7) chakras are seven (7) scalar energy processing points that process and broadcast scalar energy to the soul, mind, and body. Thus, the chakras serve to impart scalar energy instructions upon our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical dimensions. Conclusively, all prayers, thoughts, emotions and physical actions are scalar energy manifestations or expressions.

Dr. Nikolai A. Kozyrev

Dr. Nikolai A. Kozyrev

The Russian scalar energy researcher, Nikolai A. Kozyrev understood how scalar energy is such an integral part of the universe. For instance, Kozyrev discovered that scalar energy was a phi spiral or a double-helix phase conjugated wave and that this phi spiral was the natural and most efficient pattern for growth.

Specifically, scalar energy is a spiraling form of energy responsible for imparting the phi pattern upon all life forms. The progression of growth in the universe is a phi spiral or a Fibonacci spiral. Scalar energy is the, Creative Strength, of the universe.

Scalar energy PHI Spiral emanating from a pyramid.

Scalar energy PHI Spiral emanating from a pyramid.

The phi spiral of scalar energy carries information, hence, scalar energy is an intelligent energy. Every prayer, thought, emotion or physical action is a broadcast of scalar energy; hence, our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical state is to be attributed to scalar energy as the animating force responsible for all action. It is scalar energy, the Life Force, that gives life to the universe.

Throughout his illustrious career as a scalar energy scientist, Nikolai Kozyrev work and research lead him to formulate the following conclusions:

Discoveries of Nikolai Kozyrev

  1. Scalar energy serves as the carrier wave for human emotion
  2. Scalar energy is the cause of time
  3. Scalar energy is the cause of gravity
  4. Scalar energy is capable of superluminal velocity
  5. Scalar energy is the archival system of the universe

Eminent scalar energy scientists such as Nikolai Kozyrez have confirmed that scalar energy is indeed the Life Force of the universe and is responsible for creating a more perfect mental and emotional equilibrium in people. As my research continues, I hope to be able to continue to improve upon this modality thereby bringing greater mental and emotional healing to people.

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